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PC Unit Converter
PC Unit Converter. Instant metric conversion on your Windows computer

PC Unit Converter. Instant metric conversion on your Windows computer.


Need a unit converter that lets you add your own units to convert?

How about giving your wife a converter with Gourmet unit types to help her fine tune her cooking to perfection?

Need a unit converter with easy number entry for your Tablet PC?


PC Unit Converter. Instant metric conversion on your Windows computer.


Aquarius Soft PC Unit Converter Professional is a easy to use and fast unit conversion software for the Microsoft Windows platforms. Aquarius Soft PC Unit Converter offers the convenience to perform unit conversion on your desktop, saving you the hassle of connecting to the Internet!


What Our Customers Say...

" purchase of your products comes after the evaluation of at least 20 currency calculators and a similar number of unit converters. You got it right and everyone else seems to have missed the point which is to make it simple, accurate, and easy to use." - Dean Mitchell

"'s really good!!!" - Steve Davies




Features and Benefits

Instant conversion
Instantly convert between the 2 selected units.
Extensive unit types supported
Support units of all major unit conversion types:
Unit Types Units


celo, centigal, centimeter/square second, decigal, decimeter/square second, dekameter/square second, foot/square second, g-unit (G), gal, galileo, gn, grav, hectometer/square second, inch/square second, kilometer/hour second, kilometer/square second, leo, meter/square second, mile/hour minute, mile/hour second, mile/square second, milligal, millimeter/square second


arc minute, arc second, degree, grade, radian
Area acre, are, barn, dekare, hectare, square, centimeter, square decimeter, square foot, square hectometer, square inch, square kilometer, square meter, square mile, square mile (US), square millimeter, square yard
Bits and Bytes bits [b], bytes [B], kilobits [kb], kilobytes [KB], megabits [Mb], megabytes [MB], gigabits [Gb], gigabytes [GB], terabits [Tb], terabytes [TB], petabits [Pb], petabytes [PB]
Energy BTU, calorie, erg, eV, foot-pound, gigajoule, horsepower-hour, inch-pound, joule, keV, kilocalorie, kilojoule, kilowatt-hour, megajoule, MeV, millijoule, terajoule, therm, watt-hour, watt-second
Force dyne, gram force, joule/centimeter, joule/meter,  kilogram force, kilonewton, kip, micronewton, meganewton, millinewton, newton, ounce force, pound force, poundal
Gourmet - Grams Per Cup Cup of Butter, Cup of Buttermilk, Cup of Flour (all purpose), Cup of Flour (whole wheat), Cup of Gelatine, Cup of Oil (olive), Cup of Oil (vegetable), Cup of Peanut Butter, Cup of Rice, Cup of Salt, Cup of Shortening (lard), Cup of Shortening (vegetable), Cup of Sugar (brown), Cup of Sugar (granulated), Cup of Sugar (powdered), Cup of Vanilla Extract, Cup of Water, Cup of Yeast
Gourmet - Grams Per Tablespoon Tablespoon of Butter, Tablespoon of Flour (whole wheat), Tablespoon of Oil (olive), Tablespoon of Oil (vegetable), Tablespoon of Shortening (lard), Tablespoon of Shortening (vegetable), Tablespoon of Sugar, Tablespoon of Vanilla Extract
Gourmet - Grams Per Teaspoon Teaspoon of Baking Powder, Teaspoon of Baking Soda, Teaspoon of Flour (whole wheat), Teaspoon of Gelatine, Teaspoon of Sugar (brown), Teaspoon of Sugar (granulated), Teaspoon of Sugar (powdered), Teaspoon of Vanilla Extract
Length angstrom, astronomical unit, cable, centimeter (cm), chain, decimeter, fathom, fermi, foot (ft), foot [US], furlong, hectometer, inch (in), light-year, megameter, meter (m), micrometer, millimeter (mm), kilometer (km), mil, mile (ml), mile [US], nanometer, nautical meter, nautical mile, parsec, picometer, rod pole, yard (yd)
Light flame, foot-candle, lam, lux, meter-candle, phot, sb
Power BTU/hour, BTU/minute, foot-pound/minute, foot-pound/second, gigawatt, horsepower, horsepower (boiler), kilowatt, megawatt, milliwatt, terawatt, ton (refrigeration), watt
Pressure atmosphere, bar, inch mercury, inch water, gigapascal, kilobar, kilopascal, megapascal, microbar, micropascal, millibar, milliliter mercury, millipascal, pascal, psi, torr
Temperature Celsius (C), Fahrenheit (F), Kelvin/Absolute
Time attosecond, century, decade, day, femtosecond, hour, kilosecond, leap year, millinnium, millisecond, minute, microsecond, month, nanosecond, picosecond, second, week, year
Torque dyne/centimeter (dyne/cm), newton/meter (N/m), kilogram force/meter (kgf/m), ounce force/inch (ozf/in), pound force/inch (lbf/in), pound force/foot (lbf/ft)
Velocity centimeter/hour, centimeter/second, foot/hour, foot/second, kilometer/hour (km/h), kilometer/second, light (c), mash, meter/hour, meter/second, mile/hour (mph), mile/second, nautical mph (knot)
Volume barrel, bushel, cubic centimeter, cubic foot, cubic inch, cubic meter, cubic yard, cup, fluid [UK], gallon (gal), gallon [UK], gallon [C], gill, litre (L), millilitre (ml), ounce (fluid), ounce (fluid) [UK], peck, pint (pt), pint (dry), pints [UK], quart (qt), quarts [UK], tablespoon, teaspoon, E3m3, MMscf
Volume Rate barrel/min, barrel/hr, barrel/day, cubic meter/min, cubic meter/hr, cubic meter/day, cubic feet/min, cubic feet/hr, cubic feet/day, gals/min, gals/hr, gals/day, E3m3/min, E3m3/hr, E3m3/day, MMscf/min, MMscf/hr, MMscf/day
Weight carat, dram, grain (gr), gram (g), hectogram, hundredweight, kati, kilogram (kg), megagram, microgram, milligram, nanogram, ounce (oz), ounce troy (oz tr), pennyweight, pound (lb), pound troy, quarter, quintal, slug, stone, tahil, ton (metric), ton (long, UK), ton (short)
Add your own units for conversion
Allows you to add your own units of the above types for conversion. You need not wait for us to add additional units you need.
Unit Conversion Table
Display a unit conversion table that list the conversion values of the units of a selected unit type. Conversion can also be done in the unit conversion table dialog. This gives you a fast references of the units of the unit type you are interested in.
Customize unit list
Support selecting the list of units to display for conversion. You can set it show only those units you are interested in.
Always on top option
Option to set window always on top. This will be useful when you want to copy the conversion result to another application you are working on below.
Personalize application look
You can personalize the application look to your preference. Support customizing the application's background images and colors. Simply drag and drop a new image to change the background image.
It also has the standard set of useful features as in all Aquarius Soft PC software.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, ME, 98 SE, NT SP 6 and 95 OSR 2 (with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and above).
  • 2.0 MB hard disk space available for software installation.

For Pocket PC version, click here.


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