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Aquarius Soft PC Lock Up Professional
Release History
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Version 3.1

  • Now supports Window Vista.

Version 3.0

  • You can now have per-user settings for the following: lock up times, Lock Up Screen, voice alerts and power saving settings.
  • You can still choose to have all your users use the same set of settings for lock up times, usage limits, myopia control, Lock Up Screen, voice alerts and power saving settings.
  • You can now customize per-user settings without having to log into the user's account.

Version 2.5

  • Add myopia control: PC Lock Up now helps you to fight myopia by making you or your child take vision breaks from the computer.

Version 2.1

  • Allow each logon user to have his own set of usage limits settings
Version 2.0  
  • It's now much harder for your children to crack the software.
  • You can now control the daily PC usage time limit of your children/user, per day and per login session. You can also specify the minimum intervals between login sessions.
  • You can now also use the "Self-Control" feature to control your own access to the PC.
  • During lock up times, you can now temporary disable lock up for half an hour or an hour.
  • More voice alerts to remind your users/children of upcoming PC lock ups.
  • Some power saving features are added to help you save on your PC power consumption.

Version 1,0,0,4

  • Now support half-hour time slots.
  • Now the monitor will be turn off after the Lock Up Screen is displayed for 1 minute. This helps to save monitor power.

Version 1,0,0,3

  • Add option to show an edit box in the Lock Up Screen to enter the password.
  • Bug Fix: During lock up time, PC Lock Up will auto-shutdown PC even if auto-shutdown option is not enabled.
  • Bug Fix: The Lock Up Screen does not show the voice message text as in the Voice page.

Version 1,0,0,2

  • Now after the Lock Up Screen is manually activated by keyboard hotkey. After reboot, the Lock Up Screen will still be displayed to lock up the PC even if it is not currently a lock up time. This will make sure that if you manually lock up the PC, others cannot reboot the PC to access it even during non-lock up time. (Suggested by Dale Noonan)
  • Now after the Lock Up Screen is manually activated by keyboard hotkey, if a lock up time is reached and auto-shutdown is enabled, PC Lock Up will shutdown the PC. This helps to save PC power.

Version 1,0,0,1 (08 Sept 2003)

  • Lets you control the usage hours of the PC by easily marking up the weekly lock up time slots.
  • During lock up times, a Lock Up Screen will  occupies the entire desktop to stop PC usage.
  • The Lock Up Screen can have personalized look.
  • Option to automatically shutdown the PC during lock up times to save power.
  • Alert the user of upcoming lock up by playing a voice message prior to the lock up time.
  • Support logging of the actions of the application for tracking purposes.
  • A password can be set to prevent others from changing the settings.
  • Lock Up Screen can be activated anytime with keyboard hotkey.
  • Option to set up a keyboard hotkey to run the application.

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