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Aquarius Soft PC Lock Up Professional
The easy and effective way to control your child PC usage time



Aquarius Soft PC Lock Up Professional helps parents:

  • Ensure controlled usage of the computer set according to your guidelines;
  • Ensure your child spends balanced time on the computer in your absence; and
  • Protect your child�s eyes from looking too long at the PC monitor.

Aquarius Soft PC Lock Up Professional is a powerful yet easy-to-use PC access control software that enables you to control the usage hours of your PCs according to your different needs on different occasions.


Usage Scenarios

Usage Scenario 1: Control your child PC usage time

Your child is spending too much time on the computer surfing the Internet and playing online games to the detrimental of his health and social concern. You can install PC shutdown to limit his maximum usage time on the PC per day.

Usage Scenario 2: Fight myopia with vision breaks
PC Lock Up can be use to ensure myopic child takes vision breaks from the computer monitor. To fight and control myopia, it is recommended to take 5 minutes of vision break every half an hour of working on the computer.

Usage Scenario 3: PC addict exercises self-control to spent time with his family
The unique Self-Control feature allow PC addict to lock himself out of the PC for a few hours to spent time with his family or simply have a good rest.

Usage Scenario 4: School Library uses PC Lock Up to limit PC access time and save power
PC Lock Up can be deployed in a school library or computer lab to ensure that the PCs are use only during specified times during school hours. Then after, PC Lock Up will automatically shutdown the PCs to save power.



Table of Contents

Table of Contents


What Customers Say

Features and Benefits

System Requirements

Screen Shots

Using the Application

Frequently Asked Questions

Release History

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What Our Customers Say...

"GREAT program!!" - Joe Rensin

"Your program is a life saver..." - Bobbi Jo Sellers

"I absolutely love the voice warning. My wife and I are having a blast writing custom messages for our son - absolutely hilarious...Great product." - Mark Williams

"I like the fact that you can designate increments of time over an entire week.  It is very easy to use." - Daniel Carr

"This is the best software i have found to put limits on my kids using the computer. It works like a charm every time. Thanks for having what every parent needs." - Tim Herman

"Very Good Software" - Wilson Lee

"I really like the program, I need PC lock up to prevent kids from being lazy, period. without PC lock up when i am at work, the kids stay on computer for too many hours. Thanks very much." - Ben Delliskave

"The service has been great from day one and the software does exactly what I want need." - Allan Clarke

"Thank you, very much it's a wonderful software" - Francisco Gonzales


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Main Features and Benefits

Configure according to your needs in less than 5 minutes.
Step 1: Set the lock up times of the week
Step 2: Set the daily usage hours
Step 3: Set a password
PC Lock Up does the rest of the control job for you.


Control PC access
You can easily mark out the hourly time slots of the week to lock up your PCs.

During lock up time, a Lock Up Screen can be displayed to cover up the entire desktop to stop PC usage. This allows you to control the time your children's time on the PC.

Lock Up Times page
Lock Up Times

Usage Limits page
Usage Limits
Set PC usage time limits
PC Lock Up lets you easily set the daily PC usage time limits for the day and for each login session. You can have fine control of the maximum usage time per day and per login session of your PC users. For example, you can set that each time your child turns on the PC, he can only use it for up to 2 hours, and for the entire day, he can only use it for 5 hours

Eye Myopia Control

Protect your child's eyes from the computer monitor. PC Lock Up helps you to prevent and control myopia (nearsightedness) by making you or your child takes vision breaks from the computer.


Myopia Control Page page
Myopia Control

Self-Control Page page


PC Lock Up also comes with a unique "Self-Control" feature designed for PC addicts. You can prevent yourself from accessing the PC for a period of time when you activate the self control feature. When self-control is activated, you will not be able to use the password to close the Lock Up Screen. This allows you to really spent some time on other activities like spending more time with your family.


Auto shutdown PC during lock up times to save Power
You have the option to let PC Lock Up automatically shutdown your PC during lock up times. Not only will this prevent others from powering up and use the PC during lock up time, it can also help to save power after office hours.

Power Save page
Power Save

Voice Alerts page
Voice Alerts

Voice Alerts
You have the option to alert the user of upcoming lock up by playing a voice message prior to the lock up times. This will let the user has a chance to save his work prior to the lock up time.

"I absolutely love the voice warning. My wife and I are having a blast writing custom messages for our son - absolutely hilarious...Great product." - Mark Williams

Personalize Lock Up Screen look
You can personalize the Lock Up Screen look to your preference. You can change its background image and colors. Also, you can choose to display a Shutdown PC Now and Log Off Now buttons in the Lock Up Screen.  

Lock Up Screen page
Lock Up Screen

Others page

Event Logging
You can choose to log the actions of the application for tracking purposes. You can check if the application is performing as you have set it up or if others have change the application settings without your knowledge.


Password Protection
Support password protection to prevent other users from changing the PC Lock Up settings or closing the Lock Up Screen. The only way to close the Lock Up Screen is to enter the password.


Password page

It also has the standard set of useful features as in all Aquarius Soft PC software.

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System Requirements

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Operating Systems (OS):

  • Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and 7.


  • 2.5 MB hard disk space available for software installation.



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