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Getting Started
What is a hotkey?

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Creating a new hotkey
    Auto-type text
    Clean up PC
    Compress (zip up) files
    Control PC Volume
    Control a Multimedia Player
    Copy files
    Delete files
    Explore a drive or folder
    Open a file
    Power saving and shutdown
    Run a program
    Run a control panel applet
    Run multiple events
    Send command to window
    Send keyboard keys
    Size/position active window
    Test NT/2K/XP Service
    Trigger mouse action
    Upload file to FTP server
    Visit a website

Using the Application
Creating a new hotkey
Duplicating a hotkey
Editing a hotkey
Deleting a hotkey

Enabling/Disabling a hotkey

Sharing hotkeys

Backing up hotkeys
Restoring backup hotkeys

Exporting hotkeys
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  Getting Started

Creating a new hotkey

Clean up PC event

Another useful feature of PC Keyboard Hotkey is the ability to clean up your PC anytime you want by a press of a key combination.

The clean up PC functions supported are:

  • Clear the AutoComplete typed entries (NOTE: This event requires reboot of the PC to see the effect)
  • Clear the Internet Explorer's cookies
  • Clear the Internet Explorer's history
  • Clear the Internet Explorer's temporary files
  • Clear the recent opened documents list
  • Clear up the Recycle Bin.
  • Clear the Windows' temporary file folders

To create a new hotkey to activate one of the above clean up functions:

  • Click on the New button.
  • Select "Clean Up PC" event type. Click Next.
  • Select one of the clean up function above.
  • You can preview the event by clicking the Preview button. Click Next.
  • Give a name for the hotkey.
  • Select the key combination for the hotkey. We recommend Ctrl + Alt + <a keyboard key> for this event type.

  • Click OK to save the changes.

To test the hotkey, press the key combination to activate the clean up function.


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