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Aquarius Soft PC Keyboard Hotkey Professional
The ultimate Windows keyboard shortcut software that lets you fully utilize your keyboard and helps you work more efficiently!

Want to have a keyboard shortcut to automatically type your often typed text like email signatures, addresses and group email addresses?

Want to control the playback of Windows Media Player and PC volume levels while you are working on another application without having to switch to Windows Media Player itself using a keyboard shortcut?

Need to have access to keyboard keys that your computer notebook or laptop does not have or are hard to access? Want to remap your computer unused keys to more useful keys?

Want to quickly backup files and folders before the end of the day using a shortcut software? You could either zip (compress) the folders or files and copy to a disk or remote server hard disk. How about copying your files to another media or Files Sync to your thumb drive or MP3 Player?

Want to have quick single keyboard shortcut key to run your most frequently run software like favorite tasks, programs, files, folders , websites etc.? Supported tasks include cleaning up your PC and power saving functions like shutting down your computer.


What is a keyboard hotkey? A hotkey is a Windows global keyboard shortcut. This means that no matter which application you are currently using, pressing and releasing a hotkey key combination activates the event for which the hotkey is configured for.

Aquarius Soft PC Keyboard Hotkey Professional is a simple, useful and yet powerful computer keyboard software that helps you activate events quickly with just one key combination. No longer you need to make lots of mouse clicks to find a program to run, run it and activate the function in the program. With PC Keyboard Hotkey Professional, you can do this with just one key combination...anytime and anywhere in Windows!

PC Keyboard Hotkey Professional support many types of useful and flexible events that you can activate. They include:

  • Activating cleanup functions like clearing the Recycle Bin, clearing the temporary folders etc.
  • Activating power saving and shutdown functions like turning off your monitor and shutting down your PC.
  • Controlling PC volume mute and levels
  • Controlling popular multimedia players like iTunes, Windows Media Player, WinAmp and Creative MediaSource.
  • Compressing (zipping up) folders and files. This can be use as a quick backup solution.
  • Copying folders and files.
  • Deleting folders and files.
  • Opening your files to view, edit or print etc.
  • Opening up the Explorer to explore your drives and folders
  • Internet Explorer shortcuts to visit your favorite websites.
  • Running your favorite software with/without parameters.
  • Running control panel applets like the Date and Time Properties to see the calendar.
  • Triggering mouse actions.
  • Running multiple of the above events.

You can also use PC Keyboard Hotkey to help you to auto-type your commonly typed text like mail signatures, addresses or quotes. For example, you can configure to have Windows + F1 to automatically type "Best Regards, Tom" for you in any text editor. This feature is great for your technical support staffs to help them answer customer queries quickly and consistently.

For backup purposes, you can either use the compress event or the copy event. The compress event allows you to compress a folder and its files to a compressed zip file. While the copy event can let you copy a folder and its files to another drive. If you need to backup multiple folders, you can configure the "run multiple event" event to run a series of copy events.

In addition, PC Keyboard Hotkey Professional is now workgroup enabled such that your staffs can use a common set of hotkeys stored in a central network location. Or if you have one PC that is shared by multiple users, they can use a common set of hotkeys stored in the PC. Import and export of hotkeys are supported to let you share useful hotkeys with your family members or friends..

Last but not least, you can setup shortcuts to send those keys that your keyboard does not have, or re-map unused keyboard key to send keyboard combinations that you would normally need to press multiple keys on your keyboard. For example, if your PC keyboard does not have a Volume Mute key, you can setup Windows + 0 to send the Volume Mute key to mute the PC volume. Or you can map F9 to send Page Down if your computer notebook requires you to press Fn + Down to do a page down.

Indeed, we will continue to add more useful functions that you can activate quickly. Feel free to email us to tell us what other function you need and we will see how we can include them in the software for you.

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What Our Customers Say...

  • "Aquarius Soft PC Keyboard Hotkey Professional 2.0 is the one of the most elegantly designed programs I have ever seen. The natural way it works is a tribute to someone's clear-thinking mind - or maybe you have a group of really insightful people there!

    I write and visit web sites all day. For those people who live by the written word in an office setting, who want keyboard shortcuts to open frequently-used files or folders, or start frequently-used programs, or visit frequently-visited web sites - this is the program you have been looking for.

    Thank you so much" - John Bakas

  • "Thank you so much... I don't know what I would do without your software. The hotkeys I use include text responses to various email requested (in excess of 50 a day) I get for reservations at a property in Negril, Jamaica. It has all my information as to the type/pricing for accommodation combos in excess of 50+ options." - Teri Nelson
  • "Your guy's hotkey utility kicks ass! :-)" - Greg Dolley
  • "I have now purchased and am using Hotkeys, Shutdown, Alarm Clock and Lockup from your great range of software.  I have found all of these programs very easy to use and they are among the very best utilities that I have purchased - and what's more they don't cost an arm and a leg!  Well done Aquarius Soft." - Jeremy Fox

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  Aquarius Soft PC Keyboard Hotkey Professional 2.0 features include
Unlimited hotkeys

You can have virtually unlimited number of hotkeys (global keyboard shortcuts) created and managed by PC Keyboard Hotkey Professional.


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Over 100 useful and flexible events for your use!
  • Each hotkey can be easily configured to execute an event or a combination of events which can be:

    • auto-typing text

    • compressing folders and files

    • copying folders and files

    • deleting folders and files

    • ftp files and folders

    • activating power saving and shutdown functions

    • cleaning up the PC

    • controlling PC volume

    • controlling iTunes, Windows Media Player, WinAmp and Creative MediaSource.

    • running a program

    • running a control panel applet

    • opening a file for editing, printing etc.

    • exploring a drive or folder

    • visiting a website

    • sending or remapping keyboard keys

    • sending mouse actions

    • sending command to window

    • testing a NT/2K/XP service

    • running multiple events

  • Activate favorite Hotkeys from taskbar

  • Export and import hotkeys for sharing.

  • Backup and restore of your hotkeys.

  • Printing the hotkey list for reference.

  • Useful sample hotkeys available out of the box for your use.

  • Option to prompt for event parameter when running a program. This allows you to enter the required parameter only at the moment when you activate the hotkey.

  • Personalize background image. Just drag and drop image onto the application to change the background image.

  • Always on top option.

  • Option to show or hide to its icon in the system tray.

  • Auto-snap to side of the desktop option.

  • and many more...

It also has the standard set of useful features as in all Aquarius Soft PC software.

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  System Requirements

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Operating Systems (OS):

  • Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista and 7.


  • 1.5 MB hard disk space available for software installation.



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