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FREE PC Checklists Software. Create, print and share your checklists and to-do lists easily.


Want to always make sure that you have fully prepare for each trip or holiday?

Want to know what to prepare for your wedding or house moving?

Need to ensure that your daily/weekly/monthly routines are done?

Want to make sure you employees execute a process correctly and completely?

With Aquarius Soft PC can now create, manage and share your checklist easily!

PC Checklist Software for your Windows computer

Aquarius Soft PC Checklists is a very useful software that helps you to complete a list of things to do for a given task or process. You can easily and quickly create checklists or to-do lists from downloadable checklists templates. Checklists you created can be saved as templates to be recall again later or share with your friends and colleagues. Got a internal process that need to be followed strictly? Create a checklist for it and send it to your employees to ensure they do things right and complete.



Features and Benefits

Share your checklists templates with your friends or colleagues
Checklists you create can be saved as a template to be send to friends and colleagues for their use.
Print out nice looking checklists
You can easily print out nice looking checklists or to-do lists to be distributed to your colleagues.
Useful checklists included
The following checklist categories are included for your use:
  • Camping checklists
  • Wedding checklists
  • Travel checklists
  • Moving house checklists
  • Presentation checklists
Personalize application look
You can personalize the application look to your preference. Support customizing the application's background images and colors. Simply drag and drop a new image to change the background image.
It also has the standard set of useful features as in all Aquarius Soft PC software.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows Vista, XP, 2000 (with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and above).
  • 2.0 MB hard disk space available for software installation.

  Home   >   PC Checklists
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