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PC Big Ben Chimes

Listen to the Soothing Big Ben Hour Chime Sound



PC Big Ben Chimes. The software that turns your computer into a chiming grandfather clock with the soothing sounds of London Big Ben bells!


Want to have the soothing sounds of London's Big Ben Chimes in your house?

What to have a clock that tells you the time and helps you keep track of your time without having you looking at it?

Want to have an chiming grandfather clock that actually saves electricity and save the environment? This PC Big Ben Chimes works even if your system goes to sleep**. It does not require your PC to be always in full-power for it to tell you the time!

Want to set up your chiming clock to play to your favorite tune every hour?
Want your PC to work like a desktop reminder? It can function as a medication reminder, lunch time reminder etc.

Need a clock that you can have full control on when it plays its chimes.

If you need a PC chiming clock software, this is it! If you are currently using another PC chiming clock, it's time to replace it with energy saving Aquarius Soft PC Big Ben Chimes clock to cut your PC electricity bill!

It even works without you having to login!

Yes! Go Green with this most comprehensive Big Ben Chimes clock!

PC Big Ben Chimes

Aquarius Soft PC Big Ben Chimes is a simple, accurate, light, yet elegant and powerful PC chiming clock grandfather software that actually can help you to cut your PC electricity bill.


What Our Customers Say...

Hundreds of happy customers has bought PC Big Ben Chimes and here are what some of them says...

"Our house is silent except for the chimes of the Big Ben software that play in speakers throughout the house.  The program is very easy to use, but highly flexible.  For example, we have the volume reduced by about 50% during the night hours.  There is an old Benedictine monastery about 40 minutes from our house, and we set the chime overlap to sound just like the chimes at the Abbey.  It is just like being there.  Excellent product. Thanks!" - John Bakas, Riverview, Florida

"I truly enjoy the Big Ben Chimes program.  I hook it up to my sound system when I am outside. the effect is AWESOME!!!! Again thank you so much for such a joy invoking product" - Terry L Himes

"We use this software to strike the hour between 9 AM and 5 PM Mon-Fri at our church. I have used other products, but for the features we use and the cost, your software is by far the best choice. When I had a problem getting up and running, Robin in tech support responded to my questions almost immediately after I sent them. When I ran across a bug in the program, a new setup file to correct the problem was in my email the next morning. Now that's service! Keep up the good work." - James McAllister

"It is a wonderful and absolutely individual thing i liked from the first second...The very special circumstance is that i have searched for a long period to get a program like this - and this meets my needs in a very detailed manner - great one!" - Thomas Mahla

"You people are FANTASTIC!  Thank you so much for this software!" - Tom Evans


"Big Ben chimes is wonderful. I always wanted a Grandfather clock and now I get to have a customizable one on my computer. Thank you" - Greg

"I just wanted to let you know that the Big Ben software suits my needs perfectly" - Sarah Musko

"I love this program!" - Frances Dunn

"Thanks for a great product" - Irvin N Blake Jr

"I liked your Big Ben Chimes. Now while working on the computer I never forget about the time- it doesn't let me do it. And the music is really charming" -  Tatiana Vish

"It worked perfectly.  I am so pleased with the program. " - George York

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Features and Benefits

Power saving clock
The chimes will play even if PC goes to sleep!

This can save you the most electricity as you would not need to have your PC always in full power mode for the chimes to be triggered!

For example, you can activate your PC to go to sleep when you are done with your current work to save power. Then while it is sleeping and the time comes to play your chime, PC Big Ben Chimes will wake your PC up and chimes! And after playing the chimes, it will put your PC back to sleep again to save power!

Soothing sounds of London Big Ben bell sounds
Soothing London Big Ben bell sounds are included with the product.
Fully Configurable Clock
You have full control of when you want it to chime. It can act as a desktop reminder to remind you to take your medication, lunch time, dinner time, rest time etc.
Flexible Volume Control
You can be set the volume for each chime sounds. You can also reduce the volume level at certain hour of the day. Furthermore, you have an option to hear the chime sounds even when the PC volume is muted.

With the volume control, you can control how loud or soft you want for the particular chime. For example, you can lower the chime at night when your family members are sleeping.

Customizable Sounds
You can change the chime sounds to your favorite tunes. It can play all popular music file formats including MP3, WMA, MIDI and WAV.  
Reading out the time
It can even read out the time to you.
It also has the standard set of useful features as in all Aquarius Soft PC software.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, ME, 98 SE, NT SP 6 and 95 OSR 2 (with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and above).
  • 2.0 MB hard disk space available for software installation.

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