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PC Alarm Clock for your Windows Computer
Power saving PC Alarm Clock for your windows computer desktop

PC Alarm Clock. You can have your own London Big Ben Chimes!

With Aquarius Soft PC Alarm Clock Pro, you can create your own customized Big Ben Chimes that play a sound every quarter hour. A hour count chime is also available that will play the assigned sound a number of times based on the current hour. And if you do not want the chime to disturb you at night, you can mark out the time range not to play the chimes.
PC Alarm Clock - London Big Ben Chime Sounds

Can quarter hourly chimes be useful?

You may think that the quarterly chimes feature in PC Alarm Clock Pro is useless and may even be irritating if turn on.

In fact, if used properly, it may help you to work more efficiently especially when you are rushing for time. It helps by reminding you the amount of time you have spent on the current task that you are doing on your PC.

Every time it sounds, you will know that you have spent another 15 minutes on the current task. At that moment, you can do a few things:

  • Decide if the task is worth spending that amount of time on. If not you can stop doing it.
  • Decide if you have other more important tasks to work on for today. If yes, you may want to switch to a more important task.
  • Check if you are producing result on that task. If not, you may be tired and perhaps would like to take a break for a while.

One thing to note though, make sure your sound card volume to is not too high for the chime sounds you use.


Setting up your quarter hour chimes

To setup your quarter hour chimes:

  • Press F8 to show the Options dialog.
  • Select the Hourly Chimes page.
  • Check the quarter hour chimes that you would like to enable.
  • Select a sound or music file to be played for each of these quarter hour chimes.
  • You can preview the sound or music by clicking the respective Preview button.
  • If preferred, enable and set the time range when the chimes will not be played.
  • Press OK to confirm and save your changes.
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  Home   >   PC Alarm Clock   >   Big Ben Chime Sounds
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