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PC Alarm Clock for your Windows Computer
Power saving PC Alarm Clock for your windows computer desktop

PC Alarm Clock. Automatically runs you program during alarm time!


Each alarm in Aquarius Soft PC Alarm Clock Pro can to configured to run an event. An event can be one of the following:

  • Running a program with/without a parameter.
  • Opening a file.
  • Visiting a website like a online radio station.

The event can also be configured when to run:

  • Run automatically when the alarm is activated.
  • Run automatically when the alarm is closed.
  • Prompt to be run when the alarm is activated.
  • Run automatically is the alarm is missed.
PC Alarm Clock - Alarm Event

Setting an event to run when alarm is activated

You can set an event to be run when an alarm is activated:

  • Select the alarm to edit and click the Edit button to show the Edit Alarm dialog.
  • Select the Run Event page.
  • Enter or browse for the program or file location.
  • Enter or select the run action (default, run, edit, print, etc.).
  • Select the run state (normal window, minimized window or maximized window).
  • If necessary, enter the parameters to send to the run program.
  • If necessary, enter the location to run the program/file in.
  • Select if you want to be prompted before the event is being run by checking the Ask first before running event check box
  • Select if you want to automatically run the event if the alarm is missed by checking the Auto-run event if alarm is missed check box
  • Press the Preview button to preview the event. Make changes if necessary.
  • Press OK to save the changes.
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  Home   >   PC Alarm Clock   >   Alarm Event
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