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Popup Aquarius Soft Instant Online Currency Converter from your Web Page
Want to let your customers convert the price tags on your web store to their local currency? This may just be the solution for you!

This solution is most suitable if you want to place a "convert" link beside the prices in your web store catalog. Some unique features of this popup converter include:

  • ability to set the startup value of the conversion currencies and values
  • automatically remembering the last selected currency of your user

Here're some examples:

  • Convert USD$18.80 to EURO. Click here to convert now.
  • Convert UK Pounds $1,000.80. The destination currency is not specified but the user selection on the last use of the popup converter will be remembered. Click here to convert next.
  • This example demonstrates the conversion of UK Pounds $3,800.00 to the destination currency you selected in the preceding example. Click here to convert last.

Here're the instructions to popup the Online Currency Converter: 

  • Use the URL to popup the converter:


  • The complete HTML code is:<A HREF = ""> Aquarius Soft Instant Currency Converter </A>

  • The default currencies shown is US dollars and Euro

  • The default conversion value is USD$1.00

Setting the default currencies and values (optional)
Aquarius Soft Instant Currency Converter allows you to specify the startup values that shows in the converter. For example if you'd like to convert $10 US dollars to $10 Euro, you would add the following query the END of the URL above - "?F=USD&C=EUR&V=10". (Note: that this is an optional feature for web masters who'd like to have more control over the converter.)

For example, the URL below will convert $10 from US dollars to Euro:

This is the definition of the query:

F = Currency to convert From. (Use 3 character currency symbol)
C = Currency to Convert To. (Use 3 character currency symbol)
V = Value to convert
Please click here for a full list of supported currencies and related symbols.


Examples of Customized popup converters
To see some professionally customized popup currency converters, click one of the link below:

Sign Up

In order to sign up for a License to use Aquarius Soft Online Currency Converter at your web site, please click here. Or if you would like to make further enquires simply send an email to stating the following:

  • Subject: Instant Currency Converter Package - Popup Converter
  • Your Name
  • Your Company's web address
  • Your Queries

You can expect a response from us within 24 hours. Thank you!

This is not what you need?
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If you need something more customized, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to be of assistance to you. For commercial or company web site, we would recommend that your company use a customized popup or embedded version that is professionally designed to bring out your company branding to your customers.


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