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Embed Aquarius Soft Instant Online Currency Converter into Web Pages 
Let your visitors convert among 88 currencies in your web page without leaving your site. Its easy do that, just follow the instructions below to embed Aquarius Soft Online Currency Converter into your own page. 

Want a converter customized to your web site? We have all the solutions for you! Read on... or sign up now!

How will the embedded Online Currency Converter look in a web page?
The main web page of this service actually embeds one. Click here to see how it would appear on a web page.

How do I Embed the converter into my web page? 
It's really quite easy, simply cut the script below and paste it anywhere in your web page between the <BODY> tag of your HTML. Please agree to the terms and conditions before using any part of this code for your site.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The code below is fully functional. However without a license, your web page embedded with this converter will display rates that are only updated at most once per quarter. Once you have licensed the converter, the rates will be automatically be updated DAILY. Please see below if you are interested to purchase lifetime license for your web site for a one-time fee now. If you have already purchased your license, please use the code below and not worry about this note.

Thank you. 


Service Fee (with 100%  Satisfaction Guarantee)
For $98.00 ($360.00), you can now have the license to use Aquarius Soft Instant Online Currency Converter at your web site and get fresh currency rates everyday. (An unregistered Online Currency Converter only receives currency rates updated once per quarter at most).

By purchasing a license for your web site, you agree and understand the following:

  • There is no setup fee and no recurring charges.

  • The License is valid PER domain

  • The License is not transferable

  • The License allows your web site to be authorized to receive DAILY updates of the currency rates. An unlicensed currency converter embedded at your web page is only authorized to use currency rates updated no more than once per quarter.

  • You may use or link to the online currency converter at your web site in any way you deem fit

  • You may change the design and text of the currency converter in any way you deem fit

  • You agree and understand the disclaimer of Aquarius Soft Instant Online Currency Converter. You can read the disclaimer by clicking here.

  • You have a LIFETIME use of the online currency converter as long as Aquarius Soft continues to exist as a business entity

  • You will receive additional benefits by being a licensed subscriber, see the side panel on Licensee Benefits for more info!

SIGN UP NOW! Give your customers the best the currency converter they deserve, sign up for a license now by clicking the button below:

In order to sign up or make further enquires regarding our service, simply send an email to stating the following:

  • Subject: Embedding Currency Converter Package
  • Your Name
  • Your Company's web address

You can expect a response from us within 24 hours. Thank you!

This is not what you need?
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If you need something more customized, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to be of assistance to you. For commercial or company web site, we would recommend that your company use a customized popup or embedded version that is professionally designed to bring out your company branding to your customers.


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