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Aquarius Soft Online Currency Converter provides your customers with the ability to instantly convert between 2 currencies. By linking to this converter at your site, your customers would enjoy a better experience in currency conversion. This is in contrast to the commonly available but clumsy converters that require extra clicks on separate Convert buttons in order to get the desired conversion result. Try it below and let us know what you think:

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Now for a ONE TIME FEE of $98, this highly rated online currency converter is available for a LIFETIME use at your web site.

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No Recurring Charges.

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This converter can be used at your site in three different ways:

In addition to the enhanced user experience, a professional looking converter exclusively designed with your company's look and branding may be made available at your request. Here're examples of customized converters of our customers:

Alternatively, you may have ideas on how you'd like to customize the functionalities of the currency converter so that it meets your specific requirements. We can do that too! Click on the link below to see what we have done for a customer:

Whatever the customization you need, it's up to your imagination. Contact us now at to discuss. Give us a challenge, we'd really like to hear from you.

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For $98.00 ($360.00), you can now have the license to use Aquarius Soft Instant Online Currency Converter at your web site and get fresh currency rates everyday. (An unregistered Online Currency Converter only receives currency rates updated at most once per quarter).

By purchasing a license for your web site, you agree and understand the following:

  • There is no setup fee and no recurring charges.

  • The License is valid PER domain

  • The License is not transferable

  • The License allows your web site to be authorized to receive DAILY updates of the currency rates on all business days. An unlicensed currency converter embedded at your web page is only authorized to use currency rates updated no more than once per quarter.

  • You may use or link to the online currency converter at your web site in any way you deem fit

  • You may change the design and text of the currency converter in any way you deem fit

  • You agree and understand the disclaimer of Aquarius Soft Instant Online Currency Converter. You can read the disclaimer by clicking here.

  • You have a LIFETIME use of the online currency converter as long as Aquarius Soft continues to exist an a business entity

  • You will receive additional benefits by being a licensed subscriber, see the side panel on Licensee Benefits for more info!

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Key Features

  • Daily refreshed rates
  • User friendly interface featuring Instant Conversion 
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  • Priority Support
  • Request for new currencies
  • Unlimited use
  • Free Upgrades


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