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What is HeeRee?
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Saves Time
Saves Money
Easy to Setup & Deploy
Easy To Use
Efficient and Fast
Instant Free Upgrades


Check Who's On Leave
Comprehensive Leave Tasks
Supports Any Leave Types
Supports Full/Half Day Leave
Unlimited Users & Departments

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Aquarius Soft HeeRee eLeave
Easy and Efficient Web-based Employee Leave Management System to replace paper leave book and leave form

Is your company spending too much time and resources tracking your employees leave using paper leave book or leave form?

Is your current leave system too complicated to setup, maintain or use?

Is your current leave system too slow?

HeeRee eLeave eliminates the above problems by providing your company an online employee leave management system that is both easy and efficient yet comprehensive and robust.


What is HeeRee eLeave?

Aquarius Soft HeeRee eLeave web-based Employee Leave Management System streamlines communication between your HR and employees and facilitates simple yet efficient management of employee leave.

HeeRee Leave Management ensures that all leave taken and leave requests are properly accounted for. Your staffs can apply, approve and view leave records without the hassle and delay of going through the admin staff - it's all at your fingertips with anytime, anywhere access.

For employees, this system allows them to easily determine their vacation availability (from any point-in-time) and request leave online. For managers, leave approval no longer involve trails of paperwork. The system provides full audit trails of your staffs' leave balances and plans.

HeeRee eLeave Web-based Employee Leave Management System


Minimum System Requirements

Hardware: Any Windows based computer that can run Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 efficiently.

Software: Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 6 and above




Saves Time
No more time consuming paper work for your employees.
Your staffs can conveniently apply leave anywhere and anytime. Your managers can conveniently approve leave anywhere and anytime.


Saves Money
Reduction of overhead cost involved in leave administration.
No additional hardware of software needed.
Free upgrades and support.


Easy Setup and Instant Deployment
Only 5 simple steps to get the system up and running:

Step 1: Sign up a free account.
Step 2: Add your staffs.
Step 3: Add department and assign department managers.
Step 4: Credit leave to your staff.
Step 5: Send sign in information to your staffs and managers.

No software installation is needed.


Easy to Use
Like all other Aquarius Soft products, we spent much time in making sure that the solution is very easy to learn and use by both the administrator and your employees.


Efficient and Fast
Unlike many other system that overload you with many complicated and unnecessary features and images, we took a minimalist approach in designing HeeRee eLeave to ensure that the system is efficient, fast and responsive.


Instant Free Upgrade
Upgrades are free and instant. You do not need to perform manual upgrades whenever new features are added.




Instantly check who's on leave
Everyone in your company can instantly check who's on leave.


Comprehensive leave application tasks supported
The following tasks are supported:
  • Application of leave by staff.
  • Editing of pending leave by staff.
  • Cancellation of pending leave by staff.
  • Approval/rejection of leave by manager.
  • Editing and re-application of rejected leave by staff.
  • Cancellation of approved leave by staff.
  • Approval/rejection of approved leave cancellation by managers.

Support any paid/no-pay leave types

HeeRee eLeave support all and any number of leave types. You can even create your custom leave types.

Built-in leave types supported includes:

  • Annual Leave
  • Child Care Leave
  • Compassionate Leaves
  • Day off
  • Examination Leave
  • Hospitalization Leave
  • Marriage Leave
  • Maternity Leave
  • Medical/Sick Leave
  • No Pay Leave
  • Paternity Leave

You can even define your own leave types easily. Each leave type has the following properties:

  • Leave type name and code
  • Paid or no pay leave
  • Need or no need credit to apply
  • Show or do not show in staff leave entitlement page
  • Maximum days per year


Supports for full day and half day working days and leave

HeeRee eLeave supports full day and half days working days and leave.


Unlimited number of Employees and Departments

HeeRee eLeave online Employee LEave Managerment System can support any number of employees that you may have and you can have any number of departments to group your staffs.




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