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BePunctual. Employee Time and Attendance Tracking Software System

BePunctual Visitor Management System Pricing

BePunctual Server Software (Required)
This is the administrator module of BePunctual Time Attendance System.

Only US$699.90 per license
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Visitor Sign In Software

BePunctual Visitor Station Software
This is the software to visitors to sign in and out.
Each PC running BePunctual Visitor Station requires its own license.
In the case where the Visitor Station software is installed in a terminal server, each license allows one instance of the software to connect to the Server software.

Only US$199.90 per license
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Automated Time Clock Software BePunctual Automator Software
This software lets administrators save time by automating repetitive tasks like report generation and message broadcasting.
Each PC running BePunctual Automator Station software requires its own license.

Only US$199.90 per license
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BePunctual Visitor Licenses
This is the number of visitors the system can accommodate.

Only US$99.90 per pack of 1,000 licenses
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BePunctual Visitor Licenses
This is the number of visitors the system can accommodate.

Only US$899.90 per pack of 10,000 licenses. Save $100
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Payment Modes Available

We offer the following payment modes:

1. Online credit card purchase via
2. Online Pay Pal purchase
3. Direct wire transfer to our bank.
4. Singapore Dollar Money Order made payable to Aquarius Soft Pte Ltd.

To pay by credit card online, click on the Buy Now button below. We will deliver your licenses via email within 24 hours.

To pay by Pay Pal, wire transfer or money order, please use the order enquiry form below and we will email you with the instructions within 24 hours.


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