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Visitor Management System
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Makes First Impressions Count with BePunctual Visitor Management System

Want to give your visitors great first impressions and protray a professional corporate image?

Need an easy to use and comprehensive visitor registration system to manage your visitors?

Need to perform visitor pre-registration for your visitors prior to your events?

Want to print elegant visitor passes for your visitors?

Need to track your visitors and instantly know visitor sign in and out status?

With BePunctual Visitor Management System, you can do all the above and more...

Visitor Management System - Tracking Visitor Status  

Visitor Tracking with Visitor Sign In Software


What is BePunctual Visitor Management System?

BePunctual Visitor Management System is a comprehensive visitor management, registration, badging and tracking software solution that lets you register, sign in/out, and tracks your visitors effectively and efficiently.
It lets you do the following easily:
  • Pre-register the visitors of your event.
  • Barcode scanning of visitor personal ID, passport, or vehicle license etc. for quick sign in and sign out.
  • Let your visitors perform self-registration, sign in and sign out.
  • Print professional visitor pass quickly.
  • Instantly check and print your visitors' sign in and out status.
  • Print visitor's sign in and out status.
  • Setup alerts for those unwanted visitors when they sign in/out.
  • Set up one or more visitor registration software across your network for visitor sign in/out and manage them centrally.
  • Sign in/out visitor with visitor's personal ID or vehicle number.
  • and more...

BePunctual Visitor Management System Benefits

Easy and Fast to Setup
Easy to use by your receptionist, security personnel and visitors.
Visitors can perform self registration and sign in/out.
Save time
It cuts down the time to register your visitors and subsequent visitor sign in and out only requires the visitor to scan in their personal ID.
Save Money
The system is inexpensive and it will saves you thousands in administrative costs.
No more paper based visitor log books.
Emergency Ready
During an emergency, you instantly can check your visitors' sign in and out status and prints emergency evacuation lists instantly.
Easily Scalable
You can deploy as many visitor registration stations as you need across your network. These stations can be configured remotely and centrally on the server computer.
Elegantly designed User Interface
Unlike other visitor management systems, BePunctual visitor management system is designed so elegantly that it helps to promotes a professional corporate image.
You can customize the look to your corporate image.
You can also easily design your own visitor pass with p-touch Editor provided by the supported Brother label printer.
The system data can be stored on a separate network computer separate from those that are use for visitor sign in/out.
Works in any environment and events
Works in companies, schools, membership clubs, condominium, car parks etc.
For events, you can pre-register your attendees for faster sign in on the day of the event.



Visitor Management System Software Components

BePunctual Visitor Management System consist of 2 software components:
  Visitor Management Software BePunctual Server Software
This is the main visitor management software of the system.
  Visitor Sign In Software BePunctual Visitor Station Software
This visitor sign in software is for visitors to register their particulars, check their particulars, sign in, sign out and print visitor passes.

Minimum System Requirements


  • Computer that can run Windows Vista, XP or 2000 smoothly.
  • 128 megabytes (MB) of RAM or higher recommended.
    Super VGA (800 x 600) or higher-resolution video adapter and monitor
  • 15 MB of hard disk space for software.
  • Network adapter if BePunctual Server software and Visitor Station software are running on separate computers in the network.
  • (Optional) Webcam to capture a photo of the visitor during sign in/out.
  • (Optional) Brother P-touch Visitor Pass Printer
    (Optional) Touch screen monitor for key entry.
    (Optional) Bar code scanner for to scan in visitor ID during sign in/out.


  • Windows Vista, 2003, XP or 2000.
  • BePunctual Server Software version 3.0 and above
  • BePunctual Visitor Station Software


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