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What Our Customers Say About Us


In here, we are very happy to share with you the good things our customers say about us. We are very honored to have such wonderful customers who appreciate our work. Each of their comment gives us much happiness and encouragement and help us continue to belief in our goal of creating elegant solutions.

Do click here to tell us what you think about us, our products or services. We will be very happy to hear from you and will try our best to improve our software to work for you.

Thank you,
Aquarius Soft


About Our Customer Service

"Thanks so much for all your help. You've gone above and beyond what I feel is excellent tech support. Thanks a million" - James McAllister

"The technical service for this software was super! I have never received a response as promptly as from Aquarius Software, I am glad that I made my purchase from your company. Thank you for the prompt support" - Christian Wolters

"Wow! It's nice to see that there is actually a real person behind your customer support systems (either that or a really good automated system! LOL). I wish all Internet companies had your style and follow-up. The brick and mortar businesses would be quaking in their bank accounts! Now I only wish your company had other products that I could use. I'd definitely buy more! I'll do my best to pass along the good word about your company. Wishing you much success!" - Kurt Steele

"I am very happy with your product and your excellent customer service...The added bonus is your quick and courteous response if there are any problems or questions. I incorrectly installed the program, and you answered my plea for help within hours. You also followed up to make sure the program was running correctly. As a big believer in quality as well as service, I will definitely be recommending your company and products to friends." - Leslie Couch

"It is so pleasant to work with a company, who has in place such a good follow-up program for its clients. I truly appreciate you friendly demeanor and continued email advice and update information." - Jon Drake

"Super quick service...Much appreciated" - Dave Murphy

"Great site keep up the good work." - Peter Earl-Martin

"...because of your generous offer and quick technical response I will definitely be looking into more of your software titles." - George Saikaley


About Our Products in General


"ALL Software for DAYTIME USAGE, an "Microangelo" painted interface. VALUE for a little money ! Satisfied Customer from Belgium" - Danny Vergauwe

" purchase of your products comes after the evaluation of at least 20 currency calculators and a similar number of unit converters. You got it right and everyone else seems to have missed the point which is to make it simple, accurate, and easy to use." - Dean Mitchell

"I have now purchased and am using Hotkeys, Shutdown, Alarm Clock and Lockup from your great range of software.  I have found all of these programs very easy to use and they are among the very best utilities that I have purchased - and what's more they don't cost an arm and a leg!  Well done Aquarius Soft." - Jeremy Fox

"It seems to me, easy to navigate, no B.S. pop ups, a fair trial period and nice utilities to explore."-  Gerry


About BePunctual


"We at UCCI where in need of a way to track our interns time.  Seeing as all the staff are salary we had nothing in place.  I found Bepunctual by using Google and downloaded the free trail.  The software was very good, but needed a few tweaks to be perfect for us.  We worked with Robin and within two weeks all our needs where meet and we are very satisfied customers." - Gregory E. Fiedler, University College of the Cayman Islands

"Your software is perfect...Thank you again for a great product." - Marc Pelletier, Innovative Computer Repair

"Very Good - Very good in all aspects - satisfying the needs of efficient time recording, Security wise, connectability & speed, etc.."- K.Sivanantha, Vaihasi (Pvt) Ltd

"We like the software and its ease of management" - Justin J. Snyder, Network Administrator, Beckwith Financial Group, Inc.

"I have tried your product and it is really working and also fits my school situation" - Alekuea Harry Malologa, Motufoua Secondary School

"it’s is a great piece of software" - Ryan P. Cullen, Director, Louisiana Academy of the Performing Arts

"it is a great program" - Aaron Lane, Avis/Budget group


About PC Alarm Clock

"I looked at several other software programs before making a decision to try and buy yours. What interested me at first in your product was the easily readable "clock" face and the 14-day trial period. Unlike other competitors, your company allows full use of the software before committing to a purchase. What sold me was the ease in programming, and the ability to put my computer to sleep knowing the alarm would work every time. I travel frequently and this is the perfect "travel alarm clock". I always have my laptop with me, and now I can wake up to my own music wherever I am. I especially like the variable setting of the snooze button, which is not available on any conventional alarm clock. The added bonus is your quick and courteous response if there are any problems or questions. I incorrectly installed the program, and you answered my plea for help within hours. You also followed up to make sure the program was running correctly. As a big believer in quality as well as service, I will definitely be recommending your company and products to friends." - Leslie Couch

"I find the software pretty good, I like the simplicity and elegance of the functions, without complicated options to configure and at same time fulfilling almost everything" - Gilberto Reyna

"This is cool! it rocks me out of bed! no more cheesy alarm clock! now i can set my pc to wake me up to my favorite tunes/dvd/voice recording or anything for that matter" - Dave Silver

"Wow that is an amazing Computer alarm clock...I had been previously using another professional Computer alarm clock before but no more WOW then this...I am amazed you guys did a great job! You definitely have a winner here..." - Jonathan Keller

"Aquarius Soft PC Alarm Clock Pro is awesome! I just moved into a new apartment and hadn't purchased a new alarm clock yet. I did a Google search, found your website, and downloaded the trial. It's a better way to wake up in the morning, or set an alarm for any event! I also like the fact that I can customize the colors and sounds, and run another event with it!" - Patricia Swart

"As far as applications and utilities go, the Alarm Clock Pro is as useful as my web browser. If I didn't have this alarm clock program to execute a Winamp play list every morning, I don't know how I'd wake up. Why listen to an annoying buzzer, talk radio or commercials when you can have your favorite music played from a quality sound system. It's use is simple for beginners, and has all the features a power user would need. I highly recommend!" - Robert Mersin

"Wonderful product! Our church was using Task Scheduler in Windows to play chimes files on the compuer, which were amplified over the church's tower speakers; however, in Windows XP, every time the computer is shut down or if there is a power failure the password has to be reset for each event. Now we can program the yearly schedule in as "alarms", and just turn each alarm on or off as needed with the click of the mouse to change the sound files every couple of months. The alarm description comes in very handy, as we have 24 different alarms that we use at various times of the year. Thanks so much for the affordable and user-friendly software!" - James McAllister

"I tried several Alarm Clock utilities in the past, but none met my needs. Then I installed Alarm Clock Pro and knew almost immediately this was the program I've been looking for. It's easy to use and works great. Congratulations on a job well done!" - Regina Keiter

""I am very happy with its features. One of the winning items about it, was that I got to use it without restriction for 14 days. Other clocks cut off after 60 seconds in demo mode, which would not wake me up. Also, the notion of any software automatically connecting me to the Internet while sleeping is disturbing. I like being able to program voice and music of my own choosing. Excellent - I'll never oversleep again!" - Gregory Coghill

It is one of the best programs in history, thanks for it!" - Šolc Martin

"It is very useful and simple to use." - Ronald Kieselbach

"Your software is really wonderful - it works beautifully." - Gene Lim

"I liked your PC alarm clock very much..." - Josh Hurley

"This tool is so useful for me when I'm on the road. It makes a really good alarm clock." - Richard Pulsipher

"Very nice, simple and useful product." - Rodney Laux

"Your PC Alarm Clock worked terrifically, never any mishaps. I really appreciate the mp3-playing feature. Great software." - Nicodemus Coop

"I am going to suggest this to my son to help him wake up in the morning. He can wake up to messages, sounds, music, even mom's voice yelling at him to get out of bed." - Jill Coshenet

"I like your system very much all settings and alarm tunes, just the Volume. thank you so much!!!" - Norman

"Thank you very much, I am greateful that you have a product like this on the market. I will use this program to wake me up and other time frame matters as long as I own this computer. I am pleased with the service that your company has provided in support of the problems encountered during the initial process. Thank you." - Milla Willa


About PC Big Ben Chimes

"I truly enjoy the Big Ben Chimes program.  I hook it up to my sound system when I am outside. the effect is AWESOME!!!! Again thank you so much for such a joy invoking product" - Terry L Himes

"We use this software to strike the hour between 9 AM and 5 PM Mon-Fri at our church. I have used other products, but for the features we use and the cost, your software is by far the best choice. When I had a problem getting up and running, Robin in tech support responded to my questions almost immediately after I sent them. When I ran across a bug in the program, a new setup file to correct the problem was in my email the next morning. Now that's service! Keep up the good work." - James McAllister

"It is a wonderful and absolutely individual thing i liked from the first second...The very special circumstance is that i have searched for a long period to get a program like this - and this meets my needs in a very detailed manner - great one!" - Thomas Mahla

"You people are FANTASTIC!  Thank you so much for this software!" - Tom Evans


"Big Ben chimes is wonderful. I always wanted a Grandfather clock and now I get to have a customizable one on my computer. Thank you" - Greg

"I just wanted to let you know that the Big Ben software suits my needs perfectly" - Sarah Musko

"I love this program!" - Frances Dunn

"Thanks for a great product" - Irvin N Blake Jr

"I liked your Big Ben Chimes. Now while working on the computer I never forget about the time- it doesn't let me do it. And the music is really charming" -  Tatiana Vish

"It worked perfectly.  I am so pleased with the program. " - George York


About PC Checklists

"Thank you Aquarius Soft, for your wonderful innovative checklist software. It is easy to use, friendly and I'm sure my colleagues and clients will love it as well. We can share useful checklist with them, and also allows our client to experience a one up service from us. It is truly a value creation tool. Keep sending us your new software products. Wishing you success!" - Dr. Daniel Choo, MD. Ephod Consulting Associates

"It's very useful and It works perfectly" - Ittirat V.


About  PC Keyboard Hotkey


"Aquarius Soft PC Keyboard Hotkey Professional 2.0 is the one of the most elegantly designed programs I have ever seen. The natural way it works is a tribute to someone's clear-thinking mind - or maybe you have a group of really insightful people there!

I write and visit web sites all day. For those people who live by the written word in an office setting, who want keyboard shortcuts to open frequently-used files or folders, or start frequently-used programs, or visit frequently-visited web sites - this is the program you have been looking for. Thank you so much" - John Bakas

"Your guy's hotkey utility kicks ass! :-)" - Greg Dolley

"Thank you so much... I don't know what I would do without your software. The hotkeys I use include text responses to various email requested (in excess of 50 a day) I get for reservations at a property in Negril, Jamaica. It has all my information as to the type/pricing for accommodation combos in excess of 50+ options." - Teri Nelson

"It's fantastic your program, I check programs of all categories and your software its the best in tis category, only there is an inconvenience.. I CAN'T HIDE THE ICON FROM THE SYSTEM TRAY... if you implement that option will be GREEEAATT!!" - maldonado"


About PC Lock Up


"Your program is a life saver..." - Bobbi Jo Sellers

"GREAT program!!" - Joe Rensin

"I absolutely love the voice warning. My wife and I are having a blast writing custom messages for our son - absolutely hilarious...Great product." - Mark Williams

"I like the fact that you can designate increments of time over an entire week.  It is very easy to use." - Daniel Carr

"This is the best software i have found to put limits on my kids using the computer. It works like a charm every time. Thanks for having what every parent needs." - Tim Herman


About PC Remote Shutdown

"We were so pleased with the original 100 unit purchase or Aquarius So PC Remote Shutdown, we just upgraded and purchased licenses for over 400+ computers on our college campus. The hardware and electrical savings alone make this a worthwhile investment for a very high ROI!" - Barry Miller, Irvine Valley College

"I really appreciate your company for creating such a miraculous software. I was very happy to implement it in my institute. Thanks a lot." - DON CAROL JOSEPH

"I really like your software. I have used it and its good enough to fulfill my corporate requirements" - Mad Chap

"you have a good product.. best in network option and management of LAN" - Karl Alain Arban

"Great software" - Rahul Sharda

"...this software is very excellent" - Guda Satya

"...your company has been excellent in replying to support request!" - Jeffrey Mazanowski


About PC Shutdown

"I'd really like to congratulate you people on this piece of software. I connect using a dial-up connection and in South Africa we have something called "callmore" where we connect at Friday(7pm)-Monday(7am) for a mere R6.90 but we have to disconnect at or before 7am on Monday morning. I use this program to do that so that I don't have to wake up so early in the morning... Great work guys! keep it up!" - A South African User

"Straight forward quality software that does what it says it will." - Martin Keat

"I think the program is really nice and it rocks. The price should be even higher! It is such a good program. You have all kind of stuff. I have been using the programs for years now. To shutdown my workstations. I usually pay $200 For leaving them on all day but now only $50. Thanks to you guys and many thanks to the creators." - Hussam EL-Anis

"I installed PC Shutdown and it seems that the program is working pretty well...I think is a cool product." - Mary Conetta

"I think it rocks, I really like that I can have it erase cookies, empty recycle bin, etc., cool options. Thanks for creating this." - Stitch Jones

"This software is really very good" - Waqar

"I would like to tell you that it is a amazing software" - Amrut H Sugandh

"...good elegant program" - Kris De Wilde

"I liked the look and feel of your product...your software was the best of its type I have seen." - Daniel Carr

"...I really like your tool.. its great and helped me out of some problems." - Rainer Burgener

"Your PC shutdown software is a very good software." - Silver Chen (Marian College)


About PC Currency Calculator

"It's an elegant piece of software, small, clean & functional. I like it a lot...& I love the ease with which you can now switch between all currencies & selected currencies. That's exactly what I needed." - Eric Patterson

"I am very happy with your currency calculator.  I wish all software was designed as elegantly and simply.  Keep up the good work!" - John Dean on PC Currency Calculator

" purchase of your products comes after the evaluation of at least 20 currency calculators and a similar number of unit converters. You got it right and everyone else seems to have missed the point which is to make it simple, accurate, and easy to use." - Dean Mitchell

"I use an unregistered download of currency converter. It is fantastic and help me a lot. Thank you for your very good software." - Shahram Torabi

"Well done. A nice, simple, easy to use, but very very useful program . I am pleased about support of small currencies." - Shimon Soreq


About PC Unit Converter

" purchase of your products comes after the evaluation of at least 20 currency calculators and a similar number of unit converters. You got it right and everyone else seems to have missed the point which is to make it simple, accurate, and easy to use." - Dean Mitchell

"'s really good!!!" - Steve Davies

"I am very please to use unit converter software. Its Excellent software. Thanks for very useful software." - amhq22

"I like the new Layout AND the fact that I can add custom units!! COOL!" - Tommy Soder


About PC Binary Converter

"I find it to be the best of many sampled, well worth the the interface!" - Jon Drake

"So much to offer from such a small program. Small in size, great in approving what's promised it can. Yes, sorry, my English could be better. Thank You AQUARIUS SOFT !!!!" - Danny Vergauwe


About Online Instant Currency Converter

Aquarius Currency Converter provides HolidayCity with an excellent platform to reinforce our branding strategy, and at the same time creates a channel for gaining new customers. We strongly recommend using Aquarius Soft Currency Converter to supplement your marketing program. It offers high ROI and you can expect great service from the Aquarius Soft team. - Mr Lee LH, CEO, HolidayCity
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