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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


FAQ on trial software


FAQ on software registration/purchase


FAQ on software license


FAQ on software updates


How long is the trial period of the software?

Most of our software comes with 14 to 30 days trial period.


Can I extend the trial period?

Yes. If you need more time to try the software, simply send us request via email at and we will extend the trial for you for another 14 days.


Are the trial software fully functional or are they crippled in some way?

They are fully functional to allow you to experience all the features of the software.


Why is there no popup messages asking me to register/purchase the software during the trial period?

Unlike most software that keeps on asking you to register the software during the trial period, our software only ask you to register/purchase the software after the 14 days trial period.


What happens when the trial expires?

When the trial expires at the end of the 14 days trial, the software will stop working. The About Box will be displayed and ask you to register the software if it meets your needs. Click the Register Now button in the About Box to register the software. Otherwise if you prefer to uninstall the software, go to the Control Panel's Add & Remove Programs to uninstall the software.


How do I register/purchase the software?

You can register/purchase the software by:

  • Run the application
  • Press F7 on the keyboard to show the About Box
  • Click the Register Now button in the About Box to bring you to the purchase webpage of the software
  • Follow the instructions in the purchase webpage

Alternatively you can make your purchase at


Do I have to download a full-featured version after I have purchased the software?

No. After you have purchased the software, you will receive an email telling you how to activate the trial software in your PC to become a registered version.


How can I activate the software after I have purchased it?

You can activate the software by:

  • Run the application
  • Press F7 on the keyboard to show the About Box
  • Click the Activate License button in the About Box to show the Activate License window.
  • Enter your License Order ID. You can find your License Order ID in the email sent to you after you have purchased the software.
  • Enter your License Email Address. You can find your License Email Address in the same email.
  • Press the Internet Activation button the you will be brought to the License Activation webpage to download the License Installer.
  • Run the License Installer in your computer to install the license file into the computer to complete the activation. The software is now a register copy.

When I purchase 1 license/copy of the software, how can I activate the software if my computer does not have access to the Internet?

Please do this:

  • Run the application
  • Press F7 on the keyboard to show the About Box
  • Note down the Computer Activation ID at the top-right corner of the About Box.
  • Go to another computer with access to the Internet.
  • Send an email to with the following information:

Subject: License Activation


License Order ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
License Email Address: xxxxxxxxxxxx
Computer Activation ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • We will reply you with instruction to download License Installer
  • Copy the License Installer to the computer you want to activate the software on.
  • Run the License Installer to install the license file into your computer to complete the activation. The software is now a register copy.

Do you offer discount for schools and non-profit organizations?

Yes we do. Simply email us at to ask for a quote.


How many computers can I activate and run the software on?

Each license/copy you purchase allow you to activate the software in one single computer.

If you need to run the software on more computers, you will need to purchase a license for each of the computers. We do offer discounts for bulk purchases in the purchase pages.


Can the license file still be used if I reinstall Windows and/or upgrade my hard drive?

Yes, the license file can still be use as long you keep the Computer Name and the network card are still the same. After you reinstall Windows, set the Computer Name and run the License Installer to install the license file into the computer.


Can I transfer my license to another computer?

Yes. We allow transferring of license once every 6 months and for a maximum of 3 transfers for a single license. When you need to transfer your license to another PC, just send us an email and we will provide you the instruction to perform the transfer. Please note that for companies, a service charge will be applicable.


Do I get free updates of the software after I have purchased it?

Yes, most of our consumer software comes with life-time free upgrades. For business software, we provide 1 year free updates.


How do I check if there is any update for the software that I have purchased?

If there is a important update, we will notify you via our email newsletter. Otherwise you can always open up the About Box and press the Check for Updates button to see if there is any updates.

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