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BePunctual. Employee Time and Attendance Tracking Software System

Case Study: Distributed Time Clock Software System for School replaces attendance book sign in/out process.


Current Scenario

Many schools still use attendance books for tracking employee attendance. All staff would go to the main office to sign in when they report for work and again to sign out when they leave the school.

To check if a teacher is in school, the clerk would tediously search for the teacher sign in record in the attendance book.

When the clerk needs to contact a teacher, the clerk would either call the staff room shared phone line to ask for the teacher or goes to the classroom to look for the teacher.

For temporary staff like relief teacher, the clerk will use the records inside the attendance book to total up the worked hours and compute the pay.


The Problems

Problems associated with using an attendance book includes:
  • It is tedious to use it to check if a staff is in school.
  • It is hard to monitor if all staffs do sign in or sign out.
  • In time of emergency, it is hard to count the number of staff currently in the school.
  • It is hard and tedious to compute the working hours and pay of temporary staff.
  • It is hard to use it to compute punctuality of all staff.
  • Every morning, the office will be fill with staff queuing to sign in.
  • Staff on leave is not reflected in the attendance book.
  • Staff can cheat by writing in a different time when he is late or leaving early.
  • Staff can ask another staff to sign in/out for him when he is late or has left early.

The Solution

As most schools are now networked and their staffs are issued computer notebooks to conduct classroom presentations, Aquarius Soft BePunctual time clock software system would be an ideal solution for the above problems.

The BePunctual Server Time Attendance software would be installed in a computer in the main office to monitor staff attendance. Who's not in/in/out of office is instantly displayed on the software Today's page. Staffs on leave are also reflected on the same page.

A BePunctual Group Time Clock Software computer is also deployed in main office to let those staff without their own computer to punch in and out. A webcam can be attached to this computer to prevent "buddy punching".

Each staff with his own computer can install and run the BePunctual Server Time Attendance software software in their own computer. They can then punch in/out at their own convenience without having to go to the main office.

Each head-of-department can install the BePunctual Manager Attendance Tracking Software to monitor their department member attendance.

When the clerk needs to find a teacher, and if the teacher is with his computer notebook either in the staff room or the classroom, the clerk would be able to contact the teacher directly using the instant messaging function in BePunctual.

With BePunctual accurately recording staff punch in/out times, generating punctuality reports and temporary staff pay report would be a breeze.

Relief teachers are usually paid either half day pay or full day pay depending on the number of hours they worked on a day. BePunctual specifically cater of this case by supporting a "Daily" pay type, in addition to the standard Salary and Hourly pay types.

Quote: "I have tried your product and it is really working and also fits my school situation" - Alekuea Harry Malologa, Motufoua Secondary School
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BePunctual Server. Employee Time Attendance Software for Administrator.

Employee Time Attendance Software for Administrator

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BePunctual Group Punch Station. Employee Time Clock Software for multiple employees.

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Staff Punch Station Software

BePunctual Staff Punch Station. Employee Punch Clock Software for Single Employee.

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BePunctual Manager Station. Employee Attendance Tracking Software for Managers.

Employee Attendance Tracking Software for Managers


BePunctual Automator. Automated Time Clock Module

Automated Time Clock Module


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Overberg Computers


Performance Industries, Inc.


Kranji Primary School of Singapore



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