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> Group Time Clock Software
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> Bar Code Scanner for Keyboard Free Punch In/Out
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> Standalone Time Clock Software for PC For Restaurant
> Distributed Time and Attendance Tracking Software System for Call Center
> Distributed Time Clock Software System for School
> Complete Time Clock System For Company
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BePunctual. Employee Time and Attendance Tracking Software System

BePunctual. Employee Time and Attendance Tracking Software System


Want a comprehensive, flexible and extensible yet user friendly time clock software for PC?

Want to accurately track your employee time, attendance, punctuality and leave?

Want to save time by drastically reduce the time spent in calculating employee worked hours and pay?

Want to save money by not overpaying your employees?

Want to instantly know which employee is in or out of the office?

Want to prevent buddy punching (i.e. employee asking another employee to punch in/out for him)?

Want to provide your managers the convenience of tracking employee attendance remotely from their own computers?

Want to provide your employees the convenience of punching in/out on their own computers and at the same time have a secure network instant messaging system within your company?

With Aquarius Soft BePunctual, the easy and comprehensive Employee Time and Attendance Tracking Software System, you can do all the above easily, eliminating much of the problems and manual work associated with paper based systems and other employee time and attendance systems.


What is BePunctual?

Aquarius Soft BePunctual is an employee time and attendance tracking software system specifically designed to replace mechanical punch clocks, time cards, attendance book sign in/out processes and even other computer time clock software systems.

This user friendly, comprehensive, flexible and extensible employee time clock software for PC helps you to track employee time and attendance effectively and efficiently.

With BePunctual, you no longer need to spend hours calculating employee worked hours and pay. Your managers can also conveniently track their employees time and attendance on their own computer. Your employees can punch in/out either at a central computer located at the office entrance, or at multiple locations, or at the convenience of they own office computer.

By attaching a webcam to the computer, a photo of the employee can be captured during punching in/out, thereby preventing buddy punching.

With it's built in instant messaging system, your managers and employees can communicate securely over your intranet.

Unlike many other time clock software with very plain user interface, BePunctual computer time clock software modules are especially designed to look so good that you will be keen to run it at your company's front desk...customized to your corporate identity!

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What Our Customers & Users Say

"Its been just over two months now and the software is far exceeding our expectations, customer service is top notch. Id recommend this product to any company, and wouldnt be lieing at the level of service you recieve if i said it was 10 outta 10. I will most definitely be recommending BePunctual products to others." - Andrew Wrolstad, Signex Manufacturing Inc.

"I am very pleased with the software I purchased from your firm. It was easy to set up on my network. I am very impressed with the various featured the programs have to offer. I priced a number of stand alone systems that all were priced significantly higher and with far less flexibility. I strongly endorse this product." - Jeffrey L McFadden, Law Offices Of Jeffrey L McFadden, P.C.

"We at UCCI where in need of a way to track our interns time.  Seeing as all the staff are salary we had nothing in place.  I found BePunctual by using Google and downloaded the free trail.  The software was very good, but needed a few tweaks to be perfect for us.  We worked with Robin and within two weeks all our needs where meet and we are very satisfied customers." - Gregory E. Fiedler, University College of the Cayman Islands

"We were impressed with what we have seen in your software to date,
I am prepared to go ahead with the customisation of the the software...We have applied the custom report module successfully and it is working perfectly. Thanks for your quick response and we look forward to doing future business with your company."- John. Guerin, Managing Director, Elegant Glass Ltd

"This software is great. I have only 2 employees on the clock and they are using it. The program is way over kill for our use because we are on flex time and only care about in and out time. I input the total time into Quickbooks. I have recommended this program to two friends with business. I feel sure one will use it. When I had a business with 25+ employees I would have loved to have this program. I plan to tell every business person I know about this program. I am convinced if they try it they will like it." Randy Krueger, Atlantis Pain Care

"...your software was great software, which i was happy to be part of the testing and most remarkable i was very pleased with your support and guidance for this software. I really appreciate and i am sorry that due to business reason were will not be able to purchase this software although i have really recommended it to the management. This software is very unique and has the best features and i will personally will recommend this to anyone who is looking for such function. I hope in future there will an opportunity to work together with you in purchasing quality software provided by your company. Also again thank you for all your support..." - Charandip Singh, Global Request Management Technical Lead, Shell Information Technology International

"Your software is perfect...Thank you again for a great product." - Marc Pelletier, Innovative Computer Repair

"Very Good - Very good in all aspects - satisfying the needs of efficient time recording, Security wise, connectability & speed, etc.."- K.Sivanantha, Vaihasi (Pvt) Ltd

"We like the software and its ease of management" - Justin J. Snyder, Network Administrator, Beckwith Financial Group, Inc.

"I have tried your product and it is really working and also fits my school situation" - Alekuea Harry Malologa, Motufoua Secondary School

"itís is a great piece of software" - Ryan P. Cullen, Director, Louisiana Academy of the Performing Arts

"it is a great program" - Aaron Lane, Avis/Budget group


BePunctual Employee Time and Attendance Tracking Software System Components

BePunctual employee time and attendance tracking software system currently comes with 4 separate computer time clock software modules to track employee attendance, each with its own specific purposes:

BePunctual Server. Employee Time Attendance Software for Administrator. Server Software
This is the main configuration, management and reporting software of BePunctual.
BePunctual Punch Station software will connect to it to perform punching in/out.
Click here for more details...
BePunctual Group Punch Station. Employee Time Clock Software for multiple employees.

Group Punch Station (GPS) Software
This time clock software is for multiple employees to punch in/out on a PC at a central location.
Click here for more details...

BePunctual Staff Punch Station. Employee Punch Clock Software for Single Employee. Staff Punch Station (SPS) Software
This time clock software is for a single employee to punch in/out at his own office computer.
It can also be used on an office computer shared by several employees, and each can punch in/out after they log into their Windows account.
Click here for more details...
BePunctual Manager Station. Employee Attendance Tracking Software for Managers. BePunctual Manager Station Software
This manager software is for department heads or supervisors to track employee time an attendance as well as to generate the various reports.
Click here for more details...
BePunctual Automator. Automated Time Clock Module BePunctual Automator
This software designed to help you save time by automating repetitive tasks like generating reports.
Click here for more details...
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1. Save Time
BePunctual employee time and attendance tracking software system generates worked hours and pay reports instantly. Managers no longer need to spend hours manually going through paper time cards to consolidate employee worked hours and calculate their pay.
Managers can generate attendance reports conveniently on their computer.
2. Save Money
BePunctual helps you save money by ensuring that your employee is not overpaid. By accurately tracking employee reporting times and knock off times, exact employee pay can be generated.
BePunctual software components can run on your existing Windows 2000, XP or Vista computers. You do not have to purchase additional hardware.
If you are using mechanical punch clock, you can now save on paper time cards.
With its built-in accounting payroll and approved leave support, small companies may not need to buy additional accounting payroll and leave tracking software.
3. Easy to Setup
It takes less than 1 minute to install each of the BePunctual software...and another few minutes more to configure them and the solution is all ready to use.
4. Easy to Use
Like all other Aquarius Soft products, we spent much time in making sure that the software is very easy to learn and use by both the administrator. managers and employees.
5. Standalone or multiple distributed time clock software system
You can setup BePunctual employee time and attendance tracking software system on one single computer or on multiple computers in your network.
6. Flexible deployment of time clock software
You can install as many Group Punch Stations and Staff Punch Stations as you need! You can setup a Group Punch Station at each of your office entrances. For employee with their own office computer, you can install the Staff Punch Station on their PC to let them punch in/out on their own computer at their convenience.
7. Instantly track employee time and attendance
Department heads and supervisors can use the Manager Station software to monitor employee time, attendance and punctuality.
Every employee can instantly check who's not in, who's in and who's out today on the punch station software. This feature can be disabled for any punch station if needed.
8. Prevent Buddy Punching
One main problem of paper systems is that of buddy punch, i.e. employee asking another person to punch in/out for him. With BePunctual, you can install a webcam to capture a photo of the employee when the employee is punching in/out. The administrator can then perform random checks to see if the photo matches the employee.
9. Built-in Accounting Payroll Functions
BePunctual employee time and attendance tracking software system comes integrated with simple yet comprehensive employee accounting payroll functions. For small companies, they may not need separate accounting payroll software to generate employee pay reports.
10. Built-in Leave Records
Approved employee leave (paid and no pay leave) can be recorded in BePunctual. BePunctual reports will take into account of employee leave.
When a employee does not report for work today because his is on leave, the system will also reflect that on the Who's In/Out view so that others will know why the employee is not in.
If you are currently using a paper leave system, you can use BePunctual to record your employee approved leave.
Click here to check out the features of BePunctual employee time and attendance tracking software system...

Minimum System Requirements


  • Computer that can run Windows Vista, XP or 2000 smoothly.
  • 128 megabytes (MB) of RAM or higher recommended.
  • Super VGA (800 x 600) or higher-resolution video adapter and monitor
  • 10 MB of hard disk space for BePunctual Server software. Additional of up to 2 GB required for database.
  • 5 MB of hard disk space for other software components.
  • Network adapter to access your local network if the Server software and punch station software are run on separate computers.
  • (Optional) Webcam for to prevent buddy punching.
  • (Optional) Bar code scanner for keyboard free punch in/out.
  • (Optional) Touch screen monitor for keyboard free punch in/out.


  • Windows Vista, 2003, XP or 2000.
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Some of Our Customers

Bleecker Street Co-operative Homes


Overberg Computers


Performance Industries, Inc.


Kranji Primary School of Singapore



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