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Attendance Tracking Software for Managers
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About Aquarius Soft PC Software
Aquarius Soft designs and develops high quality and professional PC (Microsoft Windows) software. We take pride in all our software and we spent lots of effort to ensure that they are of great usability and quality.

All our PC software comes with a set of standard features that can benefit you:


Energy Saving Features

Whenever relevant, we will implement power saving feature in our software to help you save electricity.
Click here for more information.


No spy ware. No popup advertisements. No Spam.

Our software does not gather and send your personal data over the internet. Nor does it spam you with any popup advertisements.


Up to 28 days free try-before-you-buy trials. No daily popup to ask for registration

Unlike many shareware that keeps popping up to ask you to register the software, our software does not have such irritating popups throughout the trial period. If you need more that the our standard 14 days trial, simply send us a request via email and we will gladly extend the trial for another 14 days.


Fast, easy and small installation

Our software comes in a single small, no-frills and easy setup program that is fully designed and developed in-house. This allows you to quickly download it, store it and send it to your friends.


Easy and safe to uninstall

Our software comes with a quick uninstall program to remove the installation. You can safely uninstall our program from your system when you chose not to license its.


Fast loading and execution

All our software are optimized to load and run fast, saving you time.


Optimized resource usage

All our software have optimized file size and memory usage, saving your system resources for other programs.


Support personalized look

Almost all of our PC software allows you to customize its look to your preferences. You can change its background image and colors. Background image can be changed by simply drag and drop an image into the application window.


Support resizable windows whenever useful

You can resize these windows to the size you are most comfortable with and our software will remembers and restore the window to that size the next time.


Extensive keyboard support

You can quickly activate a task via the computer keyboard. For better keyboard usage and improve productivity, try out PC Keyboard Hotkey program.


Latest updates and help always online

Latest setup and help are provided at our website

You can always come back here to check out the latest version and updates of our software if you prefer not to sign up for our newsletter updates.

We hope that you will like the effort we have put into our software. Do give ask your feedback or suggestion if you have any idea on how we can improve further to make our software works for you.

Thank you,
Aquarius Soft

  Home   >   About Our PC Software
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